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* Due to the current pandemic, our county is on Stay-at-Home orders. We have a variety of Remote Options to assist your emotional, physical & overall energetic health during this time

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Upcoming Events

Source Points Acupressure Class

a remote video Shiatsu class with Kate

April 21 - May 12, 2020

The Source Points on the Energy Meridians connect us powerfully to the Planet and to our Origins of Wholeness

⭐️ Access the direct & vital connection of energy originating from Source
⭐️ Learn about these powerful acupoints & their relation to the body's fascia 
⭐️ Use points to clear pathogenic factors from internal organs
⭐️ Free energy generated from deep within flowing thru each Energy Meridian into the whole body


Weekly 1-Hour Sessions  (4 weeks)  where you will learn to locate & work the 12 Source Points on your own body:) Starting mid-April. This class is suitable for anyone who loves Shiatsu, is studying energy medicine or utilizing body work therapies 

Four week class ~ $85
April 21st thru May 12th

Tuesdays @ 2p

Email or Call/Text to Register!