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Forest Bathing with Cloud Gate

Forest Bathing can support your Physical, Emotional & Psychological well being during this awful Pandemic by:

Boosting the Immune System

Reducing Stress & Anxiety

Helping to process emotions

Increasing Joy

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You can balance the stress of modern urban life with a restorative & meditative journey in our local city parks!

Forest Bathing with Moshe in the News...

Interview with The Allegheny Front

Pittsburgh Magazine article

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Forest Bathing (Shin-rin Yoku) is a practice developed in Japan in the 1980s as a form of Preventative Medicine. This practice acknowledges & documents the effects of spending time in nature to balance the stress of modern day living. Forest Bathing boosts the Immune System, regulates organ functioning, & relieves symptoms of stress, depression, & anxiety!

We gather together and connect to the energy of the Earth, getting grounded, preparing to enter the Forest. Using QiGong exercises to intentionally move the energy within us.

Into the forest we go!

Entering the forest with mindfulness and in a slow and deliberate way we begin to notice things we may ordinarily overlook. We give ourselves permission to slow down. This in turn allows our internal processes to slow down as well.

We find a sense of relaxation and wonderment as we meet various plants, animals, and aspects of our own selves we may have been too busy to notice.

Making time & space for healing to occur, feeling the shifts towards our most balanced selves. Recognizing the magic of life as we realize we don't have to travel very far to have a transformational journey.

Are you looking to bring people together in a unique way?


Forest Bathing in our local city parks provides a chance to connect with nature, each other, & ourselves. Engage your group in meditative, healthy practices to promote reductions in stress, increase in communications, and healing of inter-personal conflicts. Let nature do the work by allowing yourselves to be present in the healing environment of the forest!

Contact Moshe to arrange a Forest Bathing experience!

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