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Medical QiGong at Cloud Gate

Medical QiGong healing provides the boost and support you deserve!

You are invited to relax on a heated massage table, remaining fully clothed. You are covered by a white sheet and the session begins. You are an energetic being and energy likes to flow. By using supportive touch along the energy channels of the body in combination with 'off-the-body' healing techniques you will have the opportunity to release stagnant and unneeded energy. 

As space and clarity is created in your energetic field and channels, your body becomes better able to focus on the healing process. You will receive extra energy directed precisely to the various parts of your anatomy that are in need. This boost of energy stimulates the healing processes to occur more smoothly & with greater ease. 

Medical QiGong (Chee - Gong) is a branch of Classical Chinese Medicine where a trained practitioner directly engages with the energetic anatomy and physiology of the human body in order to promote movement, flow, balance, and evolution.

Give yourself the support & resources you need to live the most profound version of yourself that you possibly can. We only live this life once & it is so precious, beyond the value of any material resource is the life force within us that we express through our unique consciousness.

Each session begins & concludes with a dialogue concerning you! We will share what we experienced working with your energy system, providing you with insight and awareness of the processes you are currently navigating. We always listen to you, you are heard!


After a dozen or so days of uncontrollably heightened fight-or-flight anxiety, Moshe cleared my kidneys - opening my energy pathways - and reconnected my Qi to more calm and realistic responses to chaotic happenstances. Thank you Kate & Moshe for the CloudGate experience!

~ Kim

The healing process is a miracle, occurring with every breathe

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