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Remote Healing with Cloud Gate

Cloud Gate is happy to offer remote sessions to provide healing support wherever you are! Both Kate & Moshe Sherman have been trained in distant energetic healing techniques.


Distant Healing & Intuitive Counsel with Kate [phone]


Kate provides quality clear listening and counsel, You will be supported with guided energetic meditations, acupressure & self-healing techniques you can use in the now.


Distant energy healing will also be coming your way to promote health & vitality in your being! As Kate has experience in Quantum Shiatsu & Distant Reiki.

Available for 20, 40, 60, or 90min sessions via phone.

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Distant Medical QiGong Healing with Moshe [phone]

Energy medicine transcends space & time. This means that QiGong Healings can be received from a distance! 

We begin the session with a phone call to discuss your current health needs. You will then relax at your home or other location and receive an energetic healing treatment that is designed to clear stagnant energy, help you get grounded, & charge your being with extra energy so your healing processes can thrive!


A brief check-in call to end the session with awareness. 


Private Shiatsu Lessons with Kate [video]

For current Shiatsu students as well as those who are interested in learning more.

Schedule a 1 hour session with Kate to learn how to use Shiatsu on yourself as well as family & friends.

Available via FaceTime, Skype, or Zoom


QiGong Exercise Lessons with Moshe [video]

QiGong Exercises are accessible to ALL! These exercises involve synchronizing our breathe with simple movements to promote an increase in balance, flexibility, energy & strength. 


Energizing for individuals, families, groups, & businesses!


Available via FaceTime, Skype, & Zoom



Kate is a gifted communicator. Every one of our sessions is a journey into self with revelations uncovered. Kate reminds me of my connection with the great mystery of this life. She walks with me and supports me with her wise, funny, and deeply validating insights about what we encounter. Together we open doors previously unseen, uncover treasures of great complexity and interest, and Kate uses her beautiful way with words to communicate the importance of these discoveries with me. With Kate, I am really seen, I am really heard.

With my busy schedule, I loved the convenience and flexibility of scheduling remote sessions. I also benefited from being able to receive treatment at home and in private. I was specifically looking for alternative therapies for my chronically painful shoulders. The effects of just one session were tangible and long lasting!

Energized and centered after a one on one Qigong session with Moshe.. especially glad to have tools I can fit in a hectic schedule to stay in the flow. Looking forward to my next session - Highly recommend!

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