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Zen Shiatsu at Cloud Gate
Shiatsu is a bodywork therapy that developed in Japan, and is based on the same energetic system as acupuncture. It is used to vitalize the body's ability to heal, to relieve pain, and to bring about mental balance. Working in the energy channels of the body with touch, Shiatsu practitioner unblocks & redistributes vital energy through the entire body system. The innate healing forces are activated, effecting change in body systems, emotions, & mental awareness. Feel fully revitalized & grounded with Shiatsu.

 Healing the self benefits you & every person in your life ♡


​The support & healing that occurs during a Shiatsu can profoundly impact the way you feel, the manner in which you heal, and bring more clarity to your life's path. 

Lay down & relax on a lightly heated mat while you receive a customized Shiatsu session, including an energetic diagnostic, hands-on healing session, & gong sound bath.

Treatments can be used to integrate past physical as well as relational trauma, to relieve acute & chronic illness, as well as evolve & maximize current full being wellness.


I am very appreciative of the contribution you make to myself and the community around us.  I believe one of the manifestations of that gratitude is exemplified during my daily life when circumstances test my centeredness and being in touch with your work grounds me into peaceful resilience.

Your work is present everyday.

~ Don

As pressure is applied to the energy meridians of the body, energetic flow & circulation is optimized in the entire body system.


The experience of receiving Shiatsu at Cloud Gate is unique for each individual & for each session. It is typically a deeply relaxing experience which often times is accompanied by increased awareness with relation to the self & relation to the whole.

You will also receive gentle joint stretches to facilitate skeletal alignment and increased flexibility.


At Cloud Gate we listen to you! Every session begins & ends with a dialogue. After each session we will discuss what was noticed during the session as well make space for you to ask questions.

Clients report feeling: relieved of pain, clear headed, deeply grounded, emotionally present, more compassionate, strengthened & aligned with purpose. 


Are you recovering from surgery? undergoing treatments? experiencing chronic pain? or experiencing health challenges?

Shiatsu at Cloud Gate will directly address your current health needs. This practice assists the healing process & is an excellent complimentary treatment to any other work you are doing to heal. The body's ability to heal is profound, Shiatsu honors your own healing abilities and supports the vast array of healing processes occurring in your being. Find health more rapidly and with greater ease, be the optimal health you can be in the now!

Would you like to prevent illness before it starts?

Shiatsu is an excellent form of preventative medicine. By caring for yourself regularly with Shiatsu you are helping to ensure that body systems including immune, nervous, & digestive are functioning optimally. Internal energetic health helps balance the various challenges of life.


The secret to health is no secret. Invest in your own health & wellness and you will be able to navigate the healing process with awareness & greater ease. 

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